030716; 11:14am

So here we are again… Another one of our breaks where we don’t talk, don’t see each other, and neither of us will admit to our mistakes. This cycle is tiring to say the least. Both of us are stubborn as hell and no one wants to lose.

At this point, I guess this is what has to happen. All this time, I’ve never felt as “meant to be” with someone as you. But even though I see potential in you, I don’t know if I’m willing to let you step all over me or to give up what I look for in a partner, because you’re neglecting and uncaring…

Even with the baby, there wasn’t anyone else that I felt right having it with. Although that doesn’t really matter anymore because we don’t have it anymore.

All the changes I felt the pregnancy make on my body, and seeing it now. There was a part of me that missed it, and that makes me feel like it’s worth it. Regardless, it’s too late now…

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