52416; 9:26am

I woke up this morning feeling like everything that he said to me made me feel like he didn’t think I was good enough for him. Why? Because I didn’t meet his standards or expectations? I keep questioning myself now. Is it because he wants me to be better? Does he want what’s best for me? Or is it because he’s simply just looking down on me? I don’t even know anymore. I keep feeling like I’m not worth it. I doubt I’ll ever be able to find the answers that I’m looking for. I’m currently just trying to live without knowing the answers but it’s so hard. I’ve had so many people treat me like I’m not worth it or like I’m not good enough for them. I’ve constantly changed myself for people that I think care about me but I have no idea who does or doesn’t anymore.

I’ve felt so lost the past few days because I don’t know who I am anymore. I just want to be numb.

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