61416; 4:37pm

Friday was not an isolated incident. She’s done things like this before. If there’s no one here to watch her, she’ll go around making decisions for herself without consulting anyone. You always hear me complaining about her but it’s not like I’m the only one she talks or looks down upon. Behind your backs, she’ll make comments as if she’s better than you too, the only difference is that she’s obviously incapable of stealing your job because you are managers and you have the back-up from each other and the owner/CEO. Just because she’s a baby and can’t handle people telling it to her like it is, doesn’t make me, or anyone else who stands up to her BS, a bitch. You make it seem like I’m the bully because she bursts out crying when she can’t handle people being straight-forward. You take her side without even trying to see the other side of the story. Just because I didn’t blow up at her doesn’t mean that I wasn’t upset about it. I brought it up to you and other managers involved and everyone handled the situation differently. But what if I felt frustrated because I felt like I was being bullied out of opportunities that I was clearly given? If I was given the opportunity to take ownership and lead something, of course I would take it because I know I worked hard to deserve the opportunity and because I know I’ll get the results that I’m asked of. And for me to get “bullied” out of that opportunity, how do you think it makes me feel? I strive to grow and learn in the workplace so that I can constantly move up and succeed in whatever I do. I work to deserve opportunities. I don’t step on other people to get there. You said that she was just frustrated and competitive, but what gives her the right to take something out from under someone, or step on someone’s toes, and then gets in trouble for it, and yet STILL get backed-up and support for the things she’s obviously done wrong, and then other person gets in trouble for being insensitive?! You didn’t seem to see her insensitivity when she decided to cross me, just because I wasn’t a crybaby about it like she was. You said you will handle each incident as it comes but you can’t fix her ego issues. But the problem is exactly that. It is because of her ego that she’s constantly over-stepping her boundaries. Yet you keep giving her chances and backing her up rather than backing up the people she’s bullying. If she cries and feels sad about it, that’s on her because that’s her fault. I don’t ask her to bully me but she’s constantly asking for a back-hand. I know everyone wants examples of what she’s done. I generally don’t say much about it because I’m trying to be professional and give her chances not to cross me but she keeps doing it. She doesn’t respect me at all. She’ll make comments about admin work like all we do is staple documents and plan parties. She could use some more EQ training and sympathizing with her peers. She wants to always talk about women building each other up and empowering each other in the workforce but here she is talking down on the job that I do. She once told me that whenever she gets emails from Lia or me about admin related things, she’ll make it less of a priority to respond back because she has more important stuff to do. I get that sometimes we are all busy and prioritize things but to make a statement like that? It’s obviously part of my job to gather information from people, whatever it may be. But just because I’m admin doesn’t make my job any less important than hers and for her to say something like that and undermine what I do is rude and disrespectful, and it also holds me back from doing my job because she doesn’t think it’s worth her time to respond. Another incident is when a manager was out and I was asked to lead the afternoon meeting. Great, I took ownership of that and asked those involved to meet. But she didn’t seem to take me seriously enough to even show up on time. We were already almost done with the meeting before she decided to show up and say, so what do we have, as if our time wasn’t important. Just because she wanted to wander around while we had a meeting doesn’t mean we had to repeat our entire meeting to accommodate to her, but as a TEAM, we did anyway because she needs this information to do her job, although she doesn’t seem to respect that we had our jobs to do as well. And then of course Friday happened. There were many incidents that occurred too close together for me not to get frustrated about it. But yet, I’m a bitch and I’m a bully. You’re just letting her keep doing it again because you’re constantly siding with her and backing her up just because she’s a crybaby and then you go tell me that I should be nicer. If she’s clearly undermining me, my job, and my abilities to do my job, then she can go ahead and take it if she thinks it’s so easy. Sure it’s so easy to be constantly reactive and solve problems as they come up as well as still trying to make sure you get all the previous items on your list done and done correctly for that matter and still try to answer calls and prioritize one person’s issue over another person’s request. But she doesn’t even have answering phones on her plate. She can care less if we don’t have phone coverage but she’ll never pick up the phone regardless. She wants to keep acting like she’s looking out for the clients when she’s talking to her managers but it looks like she only knows how to do it proactively, barely. She doesn’t care to pick up phones for clients that call for immediate and reactive support. But sure it’s so easy in her eyes. If you keep backing her up, then you’re letting her think that you’re agreeing to her actions, and if you agree to all the things she’s said and done about admin work, then that’s fine by me. If my job can easily be done by someone who can’t even do her own job correctly, then there’s no point of me trying to work hard or grow here – either fire me so I won’t keep costing you, or I’ll leave myself to go somewhere where I’ll actually have the opportunity to work hard, grow, and move up like I deserve.

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